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The IAENG Society of Software Engineering (ISSE) is organized for the engineers and the scholars in the software engineering discipline. Through regularly scheduled conferences and workshops on the Software Engineering, the IAENG Society of Software Engineering serves as a forum for networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving for the software engineering community.


The committee members of the IAENG Society of Software Engineering can voluntarily organize different activities for its Society members, and take part in organizing the IAENG conferences and workshops. The IAENG Society of Software Engineering has been taking part in the organizing of different IAENG conferences, for example, the IAENG International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE). The ICSE conference is held as part of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS), and it serves as good platforms for the software engineering community members to meet with each other and to exchange ideas. Its details are available at:


The International Association of Engineers (IAENG) is a non-profit international association for the engineers and the computer scientists. IAENG has been found by a group of engineers and computer scientists from over thirty different countries. The IAENG members include research center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, research scientists/engineers, experienced software development directors and engineers, and university postgraduate and undergraduate students, etc. The IAENG goals are to promote the co-operation between the professionals in various fields of the engineering and to cultivate an environment for the advance and development of the technology.


IAENG Society of Software Engineering Committee Members:

Prof. Ganesh D. Bhutkar
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Engineering,
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology,
Bibwewadi, Pune - 411 037. Maharashtra, India

Prof. A. Alper Ozalp
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering and Architecture Faculty
Uludag University,
16059 Gorukle, Bursa, Turkey


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